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Membership Benefits

Benefits of Playing Badminton Regularly

There are health ad well-being benefits to playing badminton regularly. Membership includes Badminton England Registration. Badminton gives you a full body workout, a social outlet and much much more.

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  • Total body workout

  • Social outlet

  • Better mental wellbeing

  • Healthy heart

  • Reduced health risks

  • Increase life expectancy

  • Improve mobility

  • Increase flexibility

  • Boost your metabolic rate

  • Lose weight

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Club Shirts

Club Shirt_edited_edited.png

For more details and sizing click here.

Badminton England

Membership includes Badminton England registration.

This provides individuals with public liability insurance, access to tickets to professional badminton matches, and links to tournaments, venues and coaching through BE. 

Rackets & Restringing

We provide our member's a racket restringing service at low rates, £12 per racket.

 We also have access to new rackets at wholesale prices for members looking to purchase, upgrade, replace, or try new rackets.

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