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Social & Competitive Badminton in Thame, Oxfordshire since 1936

About Us

Play Badminton: Thame Badminton focusses on improving skills and well-being through the enjoyment of badminton. This is reflected in the ethos of our experienced members who freely give tuition to players looking to improve. Our most skilled players supplement their activities with league matches and circuit tournaments, while our general members just enjoy a game of friendly doubles.

We use a grading system to help level-out matches and provide a guide to self-improvement. We use feather shuttles when playing both mixed and level doubles. We found that this is best for improving technique and health.

 Our members come from the villages and towns near Thame, Aylesbury, and Oxford in the counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. We are open to beginner and experienced players; choose your session                                        

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